It is Finished!

Wow! The cabin is finally finished [and I am finally updating/ finishing this blog :)] ! What a journey we had! ¬†Jeremiah and I never knew exactly what we were taking on when… Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home! We are in the cabin! We moved into the cabin in the nick of time. In early November, winter came upon us a little quicker than we expected so we… Continue reading

Ironman/ Iron-cabin

Hello! Sorry to keep you hanging for so long! Again, doing a blog and not having Internet do not mix very well. Time has flown by! In June we officially moved back into… Continue reading


It’s hard to keep the blog updated since we don’t have internet, but I’m going to try and attempt a major update on the cabin progress! As you all know, we got snow… Continue reading


Foundations are very important! If you are off on your foundation then your whole house will be deeply affected. Spiritually speaking, it is important to know where and from whom our spiritual foundation… Continue reading

Overwhelmed by our Father’s blessings!!!

Our Father, Yahweh, has been so faithful to Jeremiah and I through this journey of living in a tent while we build a cabin! We are simply amazed at the blessings He has… Continue reading

Sukkot Celebration!

These past few months have been busy and exciting for us! We have been working hard on our cabin and I am excited to bring you the update in the next post! We… Continue reading


Part of our mission statement for this blog is restoring life spiritually. In light of this, I wanted to share a sweet truth Jeremiah and I discovered a couple years ago- FEAST DAYS!… Continue reading

A Day in a Tent

We get lots of questions about how we do certain things in a tent. ¬†Here’s some things we do a little different. SHOWER TIME We use solar showers. Here’s how the process goes…… Continue reading

Summer breaks last hoorah!

Before school begins for me, and Jeremiah starts on the cabin, we decided to pack the jeep and go on one last trip. Believe it or not, we chose a camping/ kayaking trip!… Continue reading